Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm BACK!!

OMG - Last post on May 20th?! I have needless to say been MIA on my blog... Life has been CRAZY! Crazy GREAT but non-the-less. <----(I'm not sure if that is how that is supposed to look)

Quick Recap Session to get me back on board the train!

1. I have a NEW Job - I'm now managing a fabulous Health Club in San Marcos, Texas. So far, so fabulous - I LOVE it!

2. I MOVED - No more Austin apartment :). Back in the Zorn house (still in remodel/unpack mode) but its still so much better than town. Mya happy to have a yard again.

4. Ashley turned 8! We went to build-a-bear and had a fabulous time! She is funny as ever and getting interested in things like boys and bras - YIKES.

3. It's SUMMER time. It has been even more Africa hot than usual this summer so I try not to spend any length of time outdoors without being in a body of water.

4. BABIES!!! Becca's new baby boy, Casen has arrived and is a cute little string bean! It is so fun to see Becca become a Mom and she's such a natural at it! Still waiting on the next fabulous bundle of joy, Charlie!! Raquel is due August 10th and I can't wait to see her go through this awesome experience and join the world of Mommies. Two of my most favorite gals poppin' out babies...seems so sureal!

5. I've decided to become a wake boarder. I need a new water sport in my life. I can't knee board forever (my joints will not be pleased). My first attempt was this last Sunday and it was a humbling experience. I finally learned how to get up out of the water but once up had no idea how to control the board. Monday morning the 15 face plants took their toll and I could barely get out of bed. To make me feel better about 50 year old mother sprang up and wake boarded with no struggle what-so-ever!!! <--- I've done it again with the word-word business...I'll assume its correct. :) In any case I WILL learn how to do it but it won't be the cake walk I imagined.

Whew... I'll post pictures next!!!