Thursday, April 21, 2011

Miss Mya Bear!

I am one of those crazies who treat their dog like a member of the family...Mya + Me = 2 Peas in a Pod! =) I know some people think its dumb, but she is the best dog and friend a gal could ask for. I think everyone should have a dog, it truly does make you a better person!  Mya is MY first real pet (excluding family animals as a kid).She goes everywhere with me, we always have a jolly time, and I'm not sure if she even knows she's a dog...

My Mya! Just a little worm bellied pup when I scooped her up!
I had to chase her around a pig barn when I went to get her. Once I finally caught the little scallywag, I knew I had a keeper!

She's always so happy to see me, even when I'm in a crappy mood! NO MATTER what, I'm always greeted like I'm the best thing that evey happened and she's so happy I'm home!
- you just can't find humans like that ;) -

She loves to play frisbee, go walking, play ball, and even float the river when I force her...

BUT, when I need a lazy day, she's all about kickin' back and chillin' out!
Mya is now 4 years (28 in human years) old and a spoiled mess! I blame it on the fact that its just the two of us, so she deserves to have specially made meals and extra treats =). I'm already sad because I know she won't live to be as old as me, so I have to celebrate her little pup-ness while she's in her prime!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Straight Shooter!

So...this past Sunday, Caleb and I decided to practice shooting my pistol (a cute little .38/Saturday Night Special). He gave to me for Christmas to use as protection and I love it! I feel however, I need to practice every couple of months so that I am acutally comfortable using it should I need to knock out a scallywag who trys to danger me :). Somehow, the practice session turned into the gun show at my parents be clear,  in the middle of nowhere. Nothing possible to harm unless a brave cow rolled through...

Caleb and my Dad brought out all their "toys" and for the afternoon I transformed into Angelina Jolie acting as my own stunt double. I got to shoot a pistol that made me feel like I was in an old western shoot out, a very large mak 90 that made me feel like I could take out anything, and everything in between.

I only got pictures of the "grand finale", Mack Daddy of firearms and they are too fabulous not to put on my blog. Even my little Mom came down and played! This will be a glorious memory later!
 Dad, trying to shoot a can across the tank...he and Caleb actually hit it!

Caleb now thinks he needs one too...

LOVE this picture, classic!

If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy:)

I think I found a new hobby!

Until my next adventure...