Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm BACK!!

OMG - Last post on May 20th?! I have needless to say been MIA on my blog... Life has been CRAZY! Crazy GREAT but non-the-less. <----(I'm not sure if that is how that is supposed to look)

Quick Recap Session to get me back on board the train!

1. I have a NEW Job - I'm now managing a fabulous Health Club in San Marcos, Texas. So far, so fabulous - I LOVE it!

2. I MOVED - No more Austin apartment :). Back in the Zorn house (still in remodel/unpack mode) but its still so much better than town. Mya happy to have a yard again.

4. Ashley turned 8! We went to build-a-bear and had a fabulous time! She is funny as ever and getting interested in things like boys and bras - YIKES.

3. It's SUMMER time. It has been even more Africa hot than usual this summer so I try not to spend any length of time outdoors without being in a body of water.

4. BABIES!!! Becca's new baby boy, Casen has arrived and is a cute little string bean! It is so fun to see Becca become a Mom and she's such a natural at it! Still waiting on the next fabulous bundle of joy, Charlie!! Raquel is due August 10th and I can't wait to see her go through this awesome experience and join the world of Mommies. Two of my most favorite gals poppin' out babies...seems so sureal!

5. I've decided to become a wake boarder. I need a new water sport in my life. I can't knee board forever (my joints will not be pleased). My first attempt was this last Sunday and it was a humbling experience. I finally learned how to get up out of the water but once up had no idea how to control the board. Monday morning the 15 face plants took their toll and I could barely get out of bed. To make me feel better about 50 year old mother sprang up and wake boarded with no struggle what-so-ever!!! <--- I've done it again with the word-word business...I'll assume its correct. :) In any case I WILL learn how to do it but it won't be the cake walk I imagined.

Whew... I'll post pictures next!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

BIG & Little!

 This is all about my "little sister" Ashley!

The last couple of years I have been thinking of becoming part of Big Brothers Big Sisters and when I moved to Austin I decided to go ahead and make it happen. I don't remember how I found out about the organization or why I wanted to be a part of it, but I'm glad to be involved!

I met Ashley in September of 2010 and we have been having loads of fun ever since. She is a crazy energetic, very smart, talk til' she drops, ball of 7 year old joy. It amazes me every day the things that young kids think about and I love their honesty, though brutal at times ;). We hang out about once a week and do whatever sounds like a good time to Ashley. We love the movies, the Zoo, the park, coloring, making yummy desserts and oh so much more! Mya, my dog, is a little afraid of her (I think the excitement is a bit much =)), but Ashley loves taking her for walks and making her do tricks. I guess Mya will just have to deal.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of impact I am having on her and if I am making a difference. I try to be a good role model in everything we do. I even set up our dates on a monthly "budget" so she knows things cost money. She knows we're on a budget but I don't think she gets the concept of where this magic money comes from. It just appears every month in her eyes, ha! One step at a time I suppose. I hope little lessons like this will help her to mold into a strong teen and adult.  I can only hope that as she gets older and has to go through all the troubles middle school and high school bring I can be there help her make the right choices. I think I lived in a bubble as a child but it terrifies me that she's only 7 and talking about boyfriends and girl fights?!?! That seems crazzzy to me! I know that our talks will soon be rougher than slug bug competitions and playground drama but I'm excited to be part Ashley's life and aspire to make a diffrence in it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Recap and Back to Zorn!

First of all, it is FREEZING cold, in May?! Due to the extra warm April we've had, I have been mentally prepared for summer time since about March...with 46 degree mornings, I may not survive.

In any case, before the dramatic weather change, this weekend was a great one! I felt exhausted coming into work Monday, just how I like to start off my weeks ;-).

Friday: (work on Zorn - Lasted all of 1.5 hours but it counts)

Back to Zorn I go!

I've decided to move back to Zorn for what feels like the billionth time, I just can't get enough of Zorn, Texas! I tried living in Austin for a year but I just don't like it. I feel envy towards these "austinites" being all trendy doing the trendy Austin things (SUP, Zilker Park, Town Lake, etc). I mean it sounds dandy but I just don't quite fit. I tried the Town Lake one time and it was crazy crowded and all I did was stand in awe in amount of people and all that they were doing, never went back. There are some parts of Austin that are fun, but not enough to keep me living in an apartment where my dog is trapped all day and people continue to try to be "my neighbor". No thank you.

Long story short, I'm moving back to a quieter, calmer, more country scene. I've also decided some renovation is due for my little home...

Taking down most of the dropped ceilings in the house

This is what they look like now...

My bedroom, no more carpet, no more dropped ceiling, new paint job

Overwhelming really...

First room to be changed over and my little helper (Mom) in the back!

Dad is also building a fence and had to handle a rather large plumbing issue, its like 2 steps forward, 3 steps back, more updates to follow:).

Moving on with the weekend...

Raquel and I finally stopped being LAZY and got some work done for our continued Fitness endeavours, yay! We talk all week long and then when it comes to our "work days" we don't contact each other knowing that we both don't want to go and just wait until the day passes and then laugh at how we pretend to not be doing  it on purpose, "oops, I totally forgot...dang"!

Saturday night, we went to a River Revival in Martindale and that was fun. Caleb's grandfather helped start this and they continue it each year, very cool. Great food, good singing, testimonies, good stuff. Laura came down to join which made it all that more fun!


Sunday did not start off little Mya/devil dog killed one of my parents cats and they found it in the yard. Then, when I strolled downstairs all chipper and ready for my coffee, my dad informed me I needed to go bury what my dog had done. OMG, can we say sob fest. I couldn't keep it together, luckily dad came and took over. I just can't believe my dog is a secret killer!!! You could lay a cat in front of her and if I'm standing there, she'll pretend she doesn't even see it. Leave her alone with a poor cat and its a different story. BAD DOG!!!!!

After the drama that was my Sunday morning we all packed up and went to the lake to spend some time with the fam. Aunt Patti and Uncle Darryl were in town from Colorado. They are so fun to be around and I wish they would move their little selves to Texas! Super fun day, a little time at the water, played a little chicken foot :),  and watched the norther come through...brrr. Why can't this cold weather bring some rain with it I just don't know.

Back home, with my devil dog constantly in my sights, Laura and I finished the weekend by a good talk to  solve the world's problems. Then right as we were going to bed discovered BIN LADEN WAS DEAD, whoa! Such a historical moment in time...and I found out on Facebook...what a different time we live in.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Miss Mya Bear!

I am one of those crazies who treat their dog like a member of the family...Mya + Me = 2 Peas in a Pod! =) I know some people think its dumb, but she is the best dog and friend a gal could ask for. I think everyone should have a dog, it truly does make you a better person!  Mya is MY first real pet (excluding family animals as a kid).She goes everywhere with me, we always have a jolly time, and I'm not sure if she even knows she's a dog...

My Mya! Just a little worm bellied pup when I scooped her up!
I had to chase her around a pig barn when I went to get her. Once I finally caught the little scallywag, I knew I had a keeper!

She's always so happy to see me, even when I'm in a crappy mood! NO MATTER what, I'm always greeted like I'm the best thing that evey happened and she's so happy I'm home!
- you just can't find humans like that ;) -

She loves to play frisbee, go walking, play ball, and even float the river when I force her...

BUT, when I need a lazy day, she's all about kickin' back and chillin' out!
Mya is now 4 years (28 in human years) old and a spoiled mess! I blame it on the fact that its just the two of us, so she deserves to have specially made meals and extra treats =). I'm already sad because I know she won't live to be as old as me, so I have to celebrate her little pup-ness while she's in her prime!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Straight Shooter!

So...this past Sunday, Caleb and I decided to practice shooting my pistol (a cute little .38/Saturday Night Special). He gave to me for Christmas to use as protection and I love it! I feel however, I need to practice every couple of months so that I am acutally comfortable using it should I need to knock out a scallywag who trys to danger me :). Somehow, the practice session turned into the gun show at my parents be clear,  in the middle of nowhere. Nothing possible to harm unless a brave cow rolled through...

Caleb and my Dad brought out all their "toys" and for the afternoon I transformed into Angelina Jolie acting as my own stunt double. I got to shoot a pistol that made me feel like I was in an old western shoot out, a very large mak 90 that made me feel like I could take out anything, and everything in between.

I only got pictures of the "grand finale", Mack Daddy of firearms and they are too fabulous not to put on my blog. Even my little Mom came down and played! This will be a glorious memory later!
 Dad, trying to shoot a can across the tank...he and Caleb actually hit it!

Caleb now thinks he needs one too...

LOVE this picture, classic!

If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy:)

I think I found a new hobby!

Until my next adventure...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catching up with the Kruck!

So, I'm only a few weeks into blogging, and I'm already falling off the wagon! Typical really, I get super excited about things, go really hard for a little while and then it fades and I'm onto something different - NOT THIS TIME! I WILL stick to my blog, no excuses :).

A little recap while I was off the wagon:


Last Friday was just one of those days that I couldn't get it together no matter how hard I tried. You know that feeling women get, the I may cry right here in the middle of the day with all these strangers looking at me because I finally became unglued...

1. I opened at work - up at 4:30am (I'm no morning glory, believe me!). Got to work with peanut butter literally ALL OVER me. On my seat belt, on my pants, rubbed into my brand new drifit shirt, awesome start to the day. Duely noted, eat peanut butter bagel BEFORE leaving the house.

2. Made it through the work day relatively good. Left work = Here comes the rain!

3. Went to the grocery store - made about 5 laps around the entire HEB, because for some reason I couldn't remember what I was searching for until I was on the wrong end. By the time I remembered I needed eggs, I was in produce, fml. Then, I decided to go through the self checkout, never works well for me. Tried to purchase a bag of fresh broccoli, got charged $64.78 - a fair price. 40 minutes later, I was out the door with my 5 items, efficient, just like I like it.

4. Gas station stop. I thought I would fill up, get a car wash, be on my way. Every time I fill up it ALWAYS ask, would you like a car wash? Today, of course it does not, so I roll inside. To not make a wasted trip indoors I get a fountain Diet Coke (which I didnt' even end up drinking out of anger). The lid is about 1 cm too big and won't fit, I try 3 different lids with the same luck. The attendants see me, do not help, and then have the audacity to hit on me, FA REAL?! Moving on, go to fill up, and that stupid tab on the gas pump so you don't have to hold it was broken! It really is a luxury to not have to hold the pump, and clearly one I take for granted.

Dirty car, clean it up! I feel like now that I drive my little miata, I need to keep it clean, but I was in a hurry so I thought car wash. To set the scene, I HATE car washes. I always feel like I'm gonna drive in too far, not far enough, hit the wall, get smashed, all-in-all, in my mind, car wash = death trap. Then if there is a car waiting behind me, added stress because they will see me go through the death trap, ugh! BUT now that I'm not driving my truck, I thought piece of cake - face your fear kid! Wrong again! First, the thing where you choose your wash had no words, not even one, but about 6 buttons. Cool, I'll just guess, thanks. Finally, it's my turn, I get into the car wash with no problems, I feel like I've turned a new leaf. I love the actual "wash" part of the experience, so for the first time all day I was relaxing...until - SPLASH - OH YA! My brand new convertible top allowed some very large gushes of water to come shooting at my face, head and side - it was like liquid air bags, joy! I spent the rest of the car wash, cursing my car and trying to plug the holes when the water brush came steam rolling towards me...

I've now hit it...UNGLUED, but instead of crying, I started laughing. I realized maybe this is PMS, or Gods way of telling me to chill out. So, I took off my shoes (being barefoot calms me), put my apparently leaky top down, and rode home in the sunshine. :)

The rest of the weekend ran smooth as butter, just had to get through the devil that was Friday:)

Got to hang out with my preggo cousin, Becca, Friday night, always a great time. Had her baby shower Saturday, got to see alot a family, jolly good!
Liz, "The Momma", Me, Amy - Love 'Em!

Saturday night, went to a Bobcat Fundraiser with Caleb (he was doing the auction). He is so good at talking to complete strangers, and always tells me I need to step up my game, but I can't. It makes my skin crawl! When Caleb went up front to do the auction, I found myself a nice pole and held it up until he was done. During these events is the one time I would like to be a wall flower...something to work on I suppose...

Sunday, Funday!

Jeremiah was in town and brought his lady friend so my parents had a BBQ for them. Despite the urge to physically attack him for trying to squeeze me out of his life, I held back. I also wanted to thank his new girlfriend for UN-friending me on facebook, but I didn't :). I never request friends (I'm weird like that), so when I put myself on that limb for his girlfriend, it was huge! She accepted and then un-friended me. Sadly, in the world today that says alot! To sum up, Jeremiah and his girlfriend refuse to be my facebook friends...ouch! They were corrdial to me, but it was clear, the hate Jessica plan is still in effect. Jeremiah decided he couldn't even bear to hug his twin sister, I decided to play nice, mainly because my Great Aunt Betty said do so or else, and I listen to that woman. Grandma says it will get better, I listen to her too:).

That was a real long post...I'll try to reign it in...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beach Visit!

This past weekend, we (me and the boyfriend) went to good ol' Port Aransas for my first beach trip of the year. It was a jolly good time, the weather was fabulous! We got to spend some time with Caleb's siblings (Casee & Clayton) which always turns out to be a good time :).

I love Port A and have loved it since I was a little kid. I think because I had no idea what a "real" beach looked like until I was a teenager I was able to fall in love with the all the glory that is the Island on the Gulf -- beachy locals, seaweed filled sand, not so clear water, and the impending doom that you may step on a sting ray or wash into a jellyfish at any moment...good, clean fun if you ask me!

I don't know what it is about the beach, but that first breath of salty air makes me feel so alive. All worries just fade and I am just happy as a clam. After the boys went fishing, and before the ladies woke up Saturday, I took a stroll through the island and on the beach. It was just what I needed. 

Some of the weekend...didn't take enough pictures, I need a personal photographer!

         AHHH...finally, the beach on a crisp morning :)

     The charming seaweed I was referring to...

I sat on the jetty, just watching the waves and the big ships come in.  I must admit, some great people watching too :)

Our first beach adventure, hopefully many more...

Summer is so close, I can taste it!
 Can't wait for some more fun in the sun~