Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MY 25!

Just in case I forget who I was when I was 25...

1. Sometimes I stress about getting older, I just can't help it. Being a woman is hard and from what I hear aging is never friendly.
2. I work for a Corporate Fitness Center at Dell in Austin, Texas. It's been my first "official" job and that's kind of exciting.
3. I am part of Big Brothers Big Sisters and I think it's a great organization! I'll post later about my lil', Ashley!
4. I love pictures! I believe they will tell me the story of my life (well, now this stellar blog will help:-)).
5. I have a twin brother who I love to pieces but at the moment he's not a fan of me and our relationship is in the toliet bowl. Hopefully that will change.

6. I have a Master's degree that I'm hoping will eventually pay off but right now...expensive piece of paper. However, it did bring me my Raquel, and that has been a true blessing!

7. I'm a Daddy's Girl. Always have been.
8. Over the last year my Mom and I have gotten much closer than we used to be and that's fabulous!
9. There is a fine line between living life and being OUTTAcontrol...I walk it real close:).
10. I change my hair color and cut more frequently than is probably appropriate, not sure what is means but I can't stop. I did take it a step too far with the platinum blonde...don't think I'll go that route again. Had to try it though, it could've been the best thing that ever happend.

11. I live in a TINY shoe box apartment but its perfect size for me right now.
12. I love animals!! I really have an obsession with chickens and roosters,  they just make me happy.
13. I'm lucky to have Grandparents who are still in my life and that I'm very close to. I miss the oppurtunity to have that with my Dad's parents.

14. I just got back from a 5th camping annual trip, good times with great friends. Camp Vinur 2011 will need it's own post to fill you in all the goods!

15. Today is my parents 26th anniversary, whoa yowza! I hope one day I'll be has happy as they are. They are a great example!

16. I have a little pup, Mya. She is my child...yup, I'm one of "those". Mya just turned 4 and is such a great dog.

17. I'm divorced. I'm ashamed of that sometimes but it is what it is and I can't change the past.
18. I've only competed in one race in my whole life and it was the Texas Duo with one of the best gals I've ever know, Laura Mills.  Being in fitness, that's kinda weird. I'm just not competitive, it doesn't excite me, it stresses me.

19. Speaking of fitness, I love it! I hope to be in Fitness FOREVER. I love to motivate and inspire people. When it comes to my fitness however, I struggle just like everyone else. I  love the junk food and sometimes I'm just plain lazy. That's reality though, and that's why I'm good at my job. :)
20. I am truly in love with a fabulous gentleman, Caleb Warren. We push and challenge each other in all the right ways and I'm so lucky to have found that.
21. I just started Dave Ramsey (Financial Peace University) and I've got 11 weeks to go! So far, so good. I'm hoping to get my head right about money now, so that'll it won't be a stressor later in life.
22. I want a big family. It just seems so fun! The closer I get to 30 however, the smaller my idea of big gets...see the age thing, I just can't shake it!
23. Good girlfriends are so important and should be treasured. Let's face facts, men die sooner and who will you hang out with if you don't keep you're ladies around?
24. I am a water baby. Put me on the lake, river, beach with a cold drink on hot day...never gets old.

25. I've made mistakes. Somethin tells me I'll make more. All in all though, I'm happy with the way I've lived this first quater of a century!

I can't wait to see what happens in the next 25 years!!!!


  1. Love the 25 list! Reminded me of a song I heard today that says "you are more than the sum of your past mistakes; the choices that you make; the problems you create". Thank goodness! FPU is good... hopefully you will have more discipline with it than I did! Glad to hear you and Mr. Warren are going strong :)

  2. Love it! I'd say you're more on the outta control side, but hey forever young, right? :-)