Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Very 1st Post!!

Hello BLOGGER land!!

I have decided to start a blog and I'm super pumped! I struggle with the land of technology so I've been hesitant, but my bestie, Raquel has a lovely life blog going and has said its time to step it up and start one, so here I go:).

I feel a blog will be fabulous for me for several reasons...

1) I have a horrible memory and forget everything I do. If this lack of memory continues as I age I'll be in real trouble. This way I'll be able to remember what happens in this crazy life!
2) I'm now a full fledged adult (quater of a century). This a pivotal age and I need to start documenting.
3) I enjoy reading other people's blogs. They are so entertaining, enlightening, and sometimes very insightful. Maybe people will get that from this blog...or maybe, I'm just a creeper reading everyone else's blogs...eek!
4) I'm hoping one day I'll have kids, and grandkids who will say man wonder what she was like before the was mom/grandma (that just feel weird to type)...they'll have this.
5) I'm going to look back one day and wonder who I was and I how became whoever it is I'm gonna become. The things that seem big now may be soon be pebbles of the past.
6) I feel like a blog will be easier than a journal and I hear such good things from people about writing out what your feeling and all that jazz... This may be my emotional stabilizer:)
7) I needed a seventh. Even numbers freak me out.

By the way, I am struggling with the templates and design on this bad boy. It's already making me crazy because I don't like that its not cute. I will keep trying and hopefully figure it out...may take a while...


  1. Try Very cute blog stuff :)

  2. That is so weird because odd numbers freak me out : )