Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catching up with the Kruck!

So, I'm only a few weeks into blogging, and I'm already falling off the wagon! Typical really, I get super excited about things, go really hard for a little while and then it fades and I'm onto something different - NOT THIS TIME! I WILL stick to my blog, no excuses :).

A little recap while I was off the wagon:


Last Friday was just one of those days that I couldn't get it together no matter how hard I tried. You know that feeling women get, the I may cry right here in the middle of the day with all these strangers looking at me because I finally became unglued...

1. I opened at work - up at 4:30am (I'm no morning glory, believe me!). Got to work with peanut butter literally ALL OVER me. On my seat belt, on my pants, rubbed into my brand new drifit shirt, awesome start to the day. Duely noted, eat peanut butter bagel BEFORE leaving the house.

2. Made it through the work day relatively good. Left work = Here comes the rain!

3. Went to the grocery store - made about 5 laps around the entire HEB, because for some reason I couldn't remember what I was searching for until I was on the wrong end. By the time I remembered I needed eggs, I was in produce, fml. Then, I decided to go through the self checkout, never works well for me. Tried to purchase a bag of fresh broccoli, got charged $64.78 - a fair price. 40 minutes later, I was out the door with my 5 items, efficient, just like I like it.

4. Gas station stop. I thought I would fill up, get a car wash, be on my way. Every time I fill up it ALWAYS ask, would you like a car wash? Today, of course it does not, so I roll inside. To not make a wasted trip indoors I get a fountain Diet Coke (which I didnt' even end up drinking out of anger). The lid is about 1 cm too big and won't fit, I try 3 different lids with the same luck. The attendants see me, do not help, and then have the audacity to hit on me, FA REAL?! Moving on, go to fill up, and that stupid tab on the gas pump so you don't have to hold it was broken! It really is a luxury to not have to hold the pump, and clearly one I take for granted.

Dirty car, clean it up! I feel like now that I drive my little miata, I need to keep it clean, but I was in a hurry so I thought car wash. To set the scene, I HATE car washes. I always feel like I'm gonna drive in too far, not far enough, hit the wall, get smashed, all-in-all, in my mind, car wash = death trap. Then if there is a car waiting behind me, added stress because they will see me go through the death trap, ugh! BUT now that I'm not driving my truck, I thought piece of cake - face your fear kid! Wrong again! First, the thing where you choose your wash had no words, not even one, but about 6 buttons. Cool, I'll just guess, thanks. Finally, it's my turn, I get into the car wash with no problems, I feel like I've turned a new leaf. I love the actual "wash" part of the experience, so for the first time all day I was relaxing...until - SPLASH - OH YA! My brand new convertible top allowed some very large gushes of water to come shooting at my face, head and side - it was like liquid air bags, joy! I spent the rest of the car wash, cursing my car and trying to plug the holes when the water brush came steam rolling towards me...

I've now hit it...UNGLUED, but instead of crying, I started laughing. I realized maybe this is PMS, or Gods way of telling me to chill out. So, I took off my shoes (being barefoot calms me), put my apparently leaky top down, and rode home in the sunshine. :)

The rest of the weekend ran smooth as butter, just had to get through the devil that was Friday:)

Got to hang out with my preggo cousin, Becca, Friday night, always a great time. Had her baby shower Saturday, got to see alot a family, jolly good!
Liz, "The Momma", Me, Amy - Love 'Em!

Saturday night, went to a Bobcat Fundraiser with Caleb (he was doing the auction). He is so good at talking to complete strangers, and always tells me I need to step up my game, but I can't. It makes my skin crawl! When Caleb went up front to do the auction, I found myself a nice pole and held it up until he was done. During these events is the one time I would like to be a wall flower...something to work on I suppose...

Sunday, Funday!

Jeremiah was in town and brought his lady friend so my parents had a BBQ for them. Despite the urge to physically attack him for trying to squeeze me out of his life, I held back. I also wanted to thank his new girlfriend for UN-friending me on facebook, but I didn't :). I never request friends (I'm weird like that), so when I put myself on that limb for his girlfriend, it was huge! She accepted and then un-friended me. Sadly, in the world today that says alot! To sum up, Jeremiah and his girlfriend refuse to be my facebook friends...ouch! They were corrdial to me, but it was clear, the hate Jessica plan is still in effect. Jeremiah decided he couldn't even bear to hug his twin sister, I decided to play nice, mainly because my Great Aunt Betty said do so or else, and I listen to that woman. Grandma says it will get better, I listen to her too:).

That was a real long post...I'll try to reign it in...

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  1. Whoa YOWZA! I totally know what you mean about the peanut butter. Pretty sure I get some on me and my keyboard everyday. BTW - love the dress you wore to the shower. Why have I not seen it before?